Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Real Techniques brushes available at Priceline!!

No idea how I missed this memo, but Real Techniques brushes are finally available at accessible stores in Australia! RE: Priceline!!

I got myself a Stipling brush (the pink flat top in the middle) a few weeks ago online from the US, but now they're available at priceline I think I'll super stock up!

If you haven't heard of Real Techniques brushes or Samantha Chapman...You are welcome!
Samantha is a makeup artist on Youtube who does videos with her sister Nic, they're crazy amazing at what they do, and just know everything!

As for the brushes, from the one that I've tried along with all the reviews I've heard, they're amazing!
So crazy soft, bristles don't shed, and make your application flawless!
Did I mention they're seriously reasonably priced compared to the likes of MAC brushes?

Can't wait to get my hands on some more! 
Have you used any Real Techniques? Which ones and what do you recommend?


  1. Hi Kate, I have just ordered a blush brush and the four essential face brush kit online at - while it is pretty awesome that we finally can pop down to Priceline to get them, I sadly couldn't justify the prices that Priceline asks compared to online. I am looking forward to some new brushes though and will most likely recommend them yo my friends and family :-)

  2. Dustyn! Yep, priceline have kicked the ball out of the park in terms of price! Pretty much double that of iherb! It's a disgrace!! Much better to get them at iherb, but it's good that theyre now readily available for use if we need them, and I'm sure the sales for them will be good! :) x



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