Friday, September 28, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday

Firstly, I'm super sorry I haven't a) posted all week and b) didn't post last friday!
I was away in lovely Point Lonsdale all week which was lovely, just think, cuddly blankets, good food, good wine, good coffee, lovely walks, fun company, nice purchases and hilarious tv shows! Was a fun week!

This week we've had some friends down from NSW and have been busy busy doing 'activities' with them!

Also, stupid PicMonkey where I create my collages is being lame and not working, so I'll just post a couple of pics tonight!

Lastly, the news about Jill Meagher's death has hit so hard, I found myself bawling watching the news coverage today. I think for numerous reasons, 1. Because I live so close to Brunswick and it could have easily been me or any one of my friends, 2. because I have and I'm sure many others have on numerous occasions walked home at night and not thought twice about it, and 3. my main reason, is I just feel so so much for her family and husband, it would be bad enough having lost your wife, daughter or sister, let alone knowing what happened to her before her death, it's just heartbreaking!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A-Z of dates: A for Arthur's Seat

So I thought I'd share with you this little thing Mike and I are doing! 
A while ago I was having brunch with a friend and she was telling me about this book she was reading called A-Z of dates, it sounded like so much fun and I knew Mike would love it too!

So basically, we go through the entire alphabet and pick a date to go on according to the letter!
We decided to do it alternating, so Mike started with A, then he also gets C, E etc!

We also decided to do them as surprises, so I had no idea we were going to Arthur's Seat until we started driving! 

So the first date we went on was to Arthur's Seat! 
I hadn't been there since I was super little and the chair lift was still working! Awks!

It was tres fun, and there's quite alot to do really! 
They have tube slides, the best fun, probs where we spent most of our time! And then these puzzle obstacle course, think like, high school camp, where you had to do things in teams, but this time it was fun not super stressful!
They also had a 3D maze, where you wear 3D glasses and wander through the maze, pretty cool really,

and then my favourite, the hedge mazes! So much fun and seriously took me back to being little again! Either that or pretending we were in Harry Potter and the maze in the Goblet of Fire!
There were fairy gardens hidden in them and giant snakes and ladders! Too fun!

All in all a super fun start to our new dates!

The A-Z of dates doesn't have to be exclusively for couples, you could do it with a bunch of friends, or just one, and it can be over a long or short period of time!

I reckon it'd be a great way to catch up with the girls too! 

Have you done anything like this?
And any suggestions for what dates I should do??

Friday, September 14, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday and News from this week!

1. My love for pink, orange and gold is just never ending! Love this gorgeous setting! The whole wedding is pretty amaze really, check out her super sweet dress! Link
2. Confetti business cards?? Yes please! Anna made these gorgeous ones herself!
3. Love this chic idea of shoe storage! I've been having trouble! Also love that gorgeous rug! So nice under your toes! Link
4. See 1. Link

1. I love the peplum trend, but I've never really loved pencil skirts, until now! Stunning!
2. Emily always gets it right! Love the scalloped top and the sweet updo!
3. Perfect hair colour and curls, I think I'll be showing this to my hairdresser next time! No Link
4. Love the lavender colour and it just sits so beautifully!

1. As you may know, I'm allllll about a good picnic! Here, Here and HereLink
2. Perfect contrast of big and small and pops of colour! Love it! Link Check out her gorgeous floral headpiece made with the same flowers! 
3. Don't fairy lights just make everything more fairytale? Link (they sang together before their wedding! Super sweet!)
4. Ahh the Maldives, I will get there one day! Link

Wouldn't this be the most amazing place to get married! Just ideal and perfect and wow

News from this week:

Cecilia Fox aka: Florist for Georgeous is opening a florist on the corner of Blyth and Nicholson streets in Brunswick! So Crazy excited and it's right near my house! Prits sure it's going to become my new local! Yayy! They're opening Tomorrow! Will I see you there?

Also, Style Me Pretty are releasing a book! Oh my goodness I'm excited! It's not available till December but take a look at this gorgeous shoot for it! Perfect Christmas Present I believe! Can't Wait!!

Also this week, was kind of itching to blog a bit more, so I'm really not to sure about what days I'll be blogging, sorry it's not consistent, but know that I'll be blogging at least twice a week!

Lastly, I love love your feedback and your comments and I'd really love to continue having great conversations with you! So please comment and we can chat if you feel so inclined! 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend planned, not too much on for me, which will be lovely, but super looking forward to going down to Point Lonsdale with some friends next week!

Until tomorrow! (Yep, posting tomorrow!)  


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Best Designer Tote?

designer totes

So totes have been popping up everywhere! Especially all over NYFW! I'm loving all of these ones
 but if I had to choose, it'd be between the Celine and the Givenchy! They are just to die for!

Which ones your favourite?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday PLUS Adore Magazine's new magazine - Lovely Weddings!

Lovelies! Sorry I didn't post on Wednesday like I said I would, this week has been surprisingly busy!!

I have another 9 photos from Pinterest that I loved this week, but the program I'm using to grid them is being super lame and not saving! So perhaps it'll decide to work tomorrow! Hope so!
Until then, this one will have to do! :)

Also, don't know about you, but the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Conference was on the weekend in New York, and seeing all the photos on Instagram made me super jealous! And now coupled with all the photos from NYFW I'm uber jealous I'm not in New York! 

But at the same time, it's super exciting seeing everyone's photos and best of all, outfits! 

Oooo PS! Have you seen Adore Magazine's latest endeavour?? 
They've created an all Australian Wedding Magazine called Lovely! The first issue looks amazing! And it's lovely to see some familiar faces including,

Claudia from Peep My Style

Amy from Eat Drink Chic

And Georgie and her amazing team at Georgeous

Check it out for some truly gorgeous weddings!

Hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend and hopefully we'll see some sunshine! 



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