Thursday, November 22, 2012

Goodbye for now and Taylor Sterling's Wedding!

I've been meaning to post this post for a while, ok ok, a long while! But I've kept putting it off and putting it off. I'm not really sure why I've been putting it off, maybe because I'm scared to let go, or maybe because I thought it would write itself! 

But as you may have noticed I haven't been blogging recently at all. After a busy week and trying to fit blogging in too, I felt super overwhelmed and realised that blogging was becoming somewhat of a burden. I think this is for two reasons:

1.  Because I keep seeing other people's blogs and lives, and seeing what they have, and wanting them for my life.
2. It was beginning to become a chore, rather than something I love doing!

 after some serious thinking I decided that I should be living the life that I wanted to live and not to live precariously through other people and what they appear to be online. Afterall, Life is what you make it! 

So what I'm really trying to say is, instead of sitting in front of a computer blogging, I've been out, living, and I know I'm enjoying life even more because of it! I always said to myself, like many bloggers, that when blogging felt like a chore, I'd stop, so here's me stopping, for now! 

I'm not sure if or when I'll be back, but thankyou so much for your lovely follows and comments, they really do make my day! 

I'll keep the blog up, and may be back, bigger and better in the future, but at the moment, I'd rather be enjoying the sunshine and the lovely life that I've been given than sitting infront of my computer not enjoying it! 

I hope you all have a super lovely and joyful Christmas and Summer/Winter holidays! 
And to close I leave you with my most favourite perfect wedding I could imagine!

Gosh Taylor gets it right everytime! I love everything about her wedding, and she totally stole my wedding colours! (haha!) 

Thanks again so so much for reading, it really means the world!

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram for regular updates! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday

Firstly, I'm super sorry I haven't a) posted all week and b) didn't post last friday!
I was away in lovely Point Lonsdale all week which was lovely, just think, cuddly blankets, good food, good wine, good coffee, lovely walks, fun company, nice purchases and hilarious tv shows! Was a fun week!

This week we've had some friends down from NSW and have been busy busy doing 'activities' with them!

Also, stupid PicMonkey where I create my collages is being lame and not working, so I'll just post a couple of pics tonight!

Lastly, the news about Jill Meagher's death has hit so hard, I found myself bawling watching the news coverage today. I think for numerous reasons, 1. Because I live so close to Brunswick and it could have easily been me or any one of my friends, 2. because I have and I'm sure many others have on numerous occasions walked home at night and not thought twice about it, and 3. my main reason, is I just feel so so much for her family and husband, it would be bad enough having lost your wife, daughter or sister, let alone knowing what happened to her before her death, it's just heartbreaking!


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