Monday, July 25, 2011

Gorgeous Vintage-Modern Twist Bridal Shower

Wowee where do i begin! This bridal shower is just truly amazingly stunning! I love love LOVE the colours used, the hard grey, mixed with the soft gorgeous coral, cream and silver. The more i look at these photos, the more details I see. The colour co-ordination of everything is just so perfect, nothing is out of the colour scheme! NOTHING!! and everything is just so gorgeous and beautiful, massive snaps to the creative team that worked on this one, just beautiful! 

Read the full story here, on Hostess with the Mostess.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

From where id rather be...

Uni is such a drainer, and works not that much better, the semester has only just begun, and im already loathing all the upcoming assignments! i really just want to get out and start my life, go to unknown places and be doing something i love! I know that i shouldnt have to wait till uni is over to "begin" my life, but sometimes i just feel like im getting nowhere when im at uni. Ive said to myself that my the end of the year, i will be in a job that i love! think of it, as a halfway through the year resolution! Cross fingers, we'll see what happens! Ideally a job within Events, particularly weddings and parties. Even just reception-ing at the moment, and then move into the more design and execute stages a bit later on! s thats my aim, ill let you know how it goes! but at the moment, here are some lovely pictures of places i would much rather be than in dreary Melbourne! 

All Photos from The Cool Hunter

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little bit sad, but so so sweet!

I ordered these gorgeous paper straws for my 21st, and they only came today :( I just love them, theyre so sweet! but im just a little sad i didnt get to display them at my party! ah well, just have to have another one hey! :)
You can find them, and lots of other cute little things on Amanda's Etsy Site Hey Yo Yo! :)

Beautiful Mexican Beach Wedding

All images from Style Me Pretty

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 21st! :)

My lovely sisters and I

My great friend Bridget and I

My lovely Boyfriend and I

Wowee where to start!
It was my 21st on Friday, and i had a lovely lovely lovely party to celebrate!
Ive been planning this party for a while now, and had so so much fun doing it! its basically cemented the fact that i definitely want to be in events, and specifically on the design side of things!
I organised everything myself with help from some of my lovely friends!
The Candy Buffet Company provided me with a lovely amazing candy buffet and it was a HUGE hit! everyone loved it and was so impressed!
I also got a friend to organise the lanterns, they were huge, and just made the somewhat, lets face it, plain and boring room, amazing! i also strung fairy lights everywhere. I collected a million jars and vases and filled them with flowers and candles. I borrowed a friends birdcage and used it for a writing notes of "best memories shared". Worked so well, with hilarious results! I also did a wall piece at the entrance of hung jars with candles and little bottles with a rose it each, i only wish i got a better photo!
my gorgeous friend Eileen (pictured below) made my amazing dress for me as a present! Find her gorgeous blog here!
The cupcakes i made myself and bought boxes online so they could be taken home :)
All in all, i had such a fabulous night and loved planning it all!

My amazing friend Eileen and her beautiful creation! :)


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