Friday, August 31, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

For some reason, these photos remind me of 50 shades, (SPOILER ALERT!), when they're on their honeymoon! Bliss! Pretty sure a Summer day on a boat needs to be added to my to do list! 
1 | 2

2. Oh Amalfi Coast! Gosh I love it there! Another to do: Go back to Amalfi soon! (No link)

Hope you've all had a super lovely lovely week! And hope you have an amazing weekend welcoming Spring! Woooop!

Ps, I've decided to post regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays, I feel like it makes a whole lot more sense having specific days rather than just sporadically! 

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Lately via Instagram!

1. Beautiful tulips for a friend's birthday!
2. Macarons made by another friend! 

1. A lovely Winter's night in! 
2. Baby shower present! Flowers just add the loveliest touch! 

1. Yummiest snack, Apple and Peanut Butter! 
2. Ribbon box! 

1. An afternoon very well spent! 
2. So, there's a story behind this...My mum was making meringues and was also about to put a roast on, the meringues still needed to sit in a warm oven and she didn't want their flavours to mix, so she decided to take the meringues out and put them under the heating vent in her room! Hilarious!!

Essie Fiji (the biggest pain to work with!) and Face of Australia's Minty Mojito!

1. Loving the sunshine we've had recently in Melbs! This ones taken on the way to Southwharf!
2. Another afternoon well spent in the sun! 

1. Warm enough to wear jeans instead of tights and boots! Whoop! 
2. Buy one get one free on Revlon at Priceline? Yes please!!

1. Latest cut and colour!
2. Getting SUPER excited about Spring!!

1. Gorgeous display in Australia on Collins!
2. Yummy Cheese board!

1. Deborah Lippmann 'Across the Universe'! Amazing!!
2. Barry M Pink Flamingo!

1. Heston Blumenthal's Exploding Chocolate Gateau made by my sister! AMAZING!!
2. Sweeeeetest little dwarf bunny! 

1. Fun times at Arthur's seat! Gosh I love mazes!!
2. First signs of Spring!!

1. Making the most of week old roses! 

1. Essie Fiji, Face of Australia Minty Mojito and Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream! 

1. More fun at Arthur's seat!
2. In the hidden Fairy Garden! 

1. Super cute Topshop online shopping packaging!
2. New and Improved Lust have it packaging!

1. Latest work purchases!
2. Sweet case for my crazy amount of lip products!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

    Oh Summertime! Gosh I cannot WAIT! Pretty sure the combination of all of these three would be a perfect Summer night party! 
1. Blair always always gets it right!
2. I've been loving buns recently, and this one is gorgeous! Link
3. Again, always gets it right! Link

1. Confetti released as they kiss? Perfection! Link
2. Agreed! Link
3. Again with the Summer time! Would love to have a party featuring these gorgeous drink dispensers! Link

1. Beautifully coloured ribbons! Link
2. Is it too late for New Years resolutions? Link
3. PURPLE peonies! Oh my! Link
1. Perfect colour palette! An that menu is just darling! Link
2. Super sweet reception dinner on the beach! Link
3. This may possibly be the most perfect bouquet I've ever seen! Link

Hope you've all had a fabulous week, and Melburnians, Bring on this Sunshine!!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sorbet Brights

Sorbet Brights

From top left:
Orange Dress - Witchery $129.95 | Purple Satchel - Country Road $229 | Yellow Blazer - Portmans $99.95 | Purple Jeans - J Brand $198 | Stripe Tote - Country Road $59.95 | Yellow Maxi - French Connection $199.95 | Mint Wallet - Country Road $99 | Pink Denim Shorts - French Connection $69.95 | Pink Bowler Bag - Country Road $199 | Metal Plate Belt - French Connection $59.95 | Mint Knit - French Connection $149.95 | Ballet Flats - Country Road $99 | Pencil Case - Forever New $12.99 | Peplum Top - Portmans $39.95 | Iphone Case - Portmans $9.95 | Orange Clutch - Witchery $79.95 | Bow Hair Clips - Witchery $7.95

You know when some seasons you go, "Erggghh! I don't like anything in stores at the moment!" and others you go, "Oh my good goodness, I need everything, NOW!"?

For me, this is one of the latter seasons! I am loving EVERYTHING in stores at the moment! I love love pastels and chuck in a few brights and I am set! Gosh I'm excited about Spring! Can you tell?

Are you liking the Spring trends this season? What's your favourite season to dress for? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

1. Wheelbarrow full of roses? Yes please! Perfect decorations for a rustic themed wedding! Link
2. Love all the little details in this one! The personalised swizzle stick, the matching straws and ribbon and ofcourse the mint, just pretty! Link
3. I love the contrast of the matte-nes of the other nails and then the silver, just looks gorgeous! Ps, this girl has amazing nail ideas! Link

1. Roald Dahl, just gorgeous, just thinks like a child, and it's beautiful. Link 
2. Cutest little giraffe ever! Link
3. I'm such a sucker for beautiful blankets! Link

1. I've been seeing heaps of gorgeous bar carts around the traps, this is one of them! Link
2. I really want to host a dinner party on the beach sometime! Link
3. Perfection! Link

1. Love how well the cupcakes and the roses blend together! Such pretty colours as well! No Link!
2. Pretty in pink! Link
3. Roses in crates, gorgeous decoration for rustic chic weddings! Link

1. Love the combination of the Hydrangeas, the pink ribbons and the white and gold details, has to be my favourite colour combination! Can you tell? Link
2. Reminds me of Marie Antoinette! Link
3. Perfect bouquet! Link

You can find all these photos on my Pinterest Page!

I also wanted to share a few music favourites this week! I have been replaying Taylor Swift's New Song over and over! I'm such a sucker for a good Taylor song!

The other one that I've been listening to like crazy is this amazing Bon Iver mix, My good goodess, there are just no words! I saw them in concert earlier this year, and oh my goodness, they are all just so talented! Literally blew everyone away!
This mix though, is my favourite, with some of my all time favourite Bon Iver songs! 

Skip to 8 mins in and you'll find, 'I can't make you love me', It is truly one of the most beautifil songs I've ever heard, it truly makes everything beautiful! I'm not kidding, put this song on, at 8 mins and then scroll through your pinterest feed, or watch horses running or sit outside and bask in the gorgeousness of the world, seriously, beautiful. Go one, take 3 mins of time out and just listen!

What have you been listening to lately? 

Have a fabulous weekend! xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catherine Sheppard's Gorgeous LA home

Hey kids, sorry for the lack of posts this weekend and for not doing FPF, I've been super sick and bed ridden since Friday! Yuck! 
Hope you all had a much more enjoyable weekend! 

You know when you stumble upon a home or a party that just makes you say wow!
This one is my Wow! 
I have no idea how I hadn't seen it on the Glitter Guide before, but I stumbled upon it and am just in awe! I love the girly-ness of the gorgeous vanity (above), the beautiful colours and textures on the dining table, the gorgeous accessories on the desk, the dreaminess of the bed room and the cuteness of the bar cart! 

This beautiful home belongs to Catherine Sheppard of 'The Life Styled'. 

Catherine Sheppard’s penchant for style became apparent at an early age — she was indulging as a fashion fiend before she hit preschool. Her love of style continued to grow, and she now makes her living as a stylist (The Life Styled) in Los Angeles. Catherine embraces all aspect of the fashion industry: she loves airy girly pieces, funky tough pieces and even injects masculine touches. This cornucopia of styles is also evident in her home. She and her husband have cultivated a collection of the fabulously quirky (we can’t get enough of her gold dinosaur figurines) to decorate their abode. Catherine gave us a peek at her beautiful home and shared with us her thoughts on her wardrobe, her interior style and her career.

Continue reading Catherine's insights to her home and career over at the Glitter Guide!


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