Friday, July 13, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

1. Confetti System - ah-mazing! Imagine working there!
2. So true and so good to know! Doesn't hurt that it's pink and sparkly! 
3. Divine cake! The topper is just amazing!

1. When I was in Paris a few years ago with my fam, my all time favourite memory was riding bikes through the gardens of Versailles! It was just breathtaking! 
2. Again, I'm loving flowers on cakes, just so pretty!
3. Who doesn't love a bucket full of Veuve

1. Marshmallow frosting, ummm, YES PLEASE! Forget the cupcake, just give me the frosting!
2. Such a cute engagement shoot! The colours are gorgeous!
3. Sequin strand for the bouquet! Fabulous idea of adding that touch of sparkle! 

This weekend is my birthday! Sunday, to be precise! So I'll be spending the weekend having cocktails with friends, going to a special Bastille day exhibition at the NGV, a couple of dinners out and going to the Aquarium! 

Hope you've all had a super fabulous week and thanks for stopping by Confetti & Glitter! 



  1. I think I might be heading to the NGV too, might see you there!

    And happy birthday for Sunday :-)

  2. A lovely selection of images - I love Versailles and of course Champagne!
    Happy Birthday for Sunday!
    I have an award for you over at my blog……I’m spreading a little sunshine……

  3. Ooo yay! might see you there Missdirections! :)
    and thanks for the bday love! :) xx

    Thanks miss b! Isnt it just gorgeous!
    Thank you so much! For the award and the birthday love! :) xx



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