Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Lately via Instagram!

1. The Super cute little two-year-old I look after, taking selfies of her adorable Connies!
2. The Yummiest Chicken wings you'll ever eat, at Chin Chins!
1. Getting foils is always super attractive!
2. Saying goodbye to my dear dear friend Eileen in the wee hours of the morning, as she heads to NY to work with the Row, I know right, she's freaking talented!
1. Crown lights at night! Super Pretty!
2. Napoleon Exhibition at the NGV that was sold out on Bastille day! :(
1. Penguins at the Aquarium!  
1. Chanel Nail varnish in Nouvelle Vague and Karpati in Stardust
2. My newest Real Techniques purchase, the Powder brush! 
1. Gorgeous view of the city from South Wharf!
2. Greek inspired table for a Coles marketing Event with Harper Events!
1. Arriving in style to Graduation!
2. Graduation of my degree!
1. More Grad shots! 
1. And even more!
1. Lovely display at Myer!
2. Layered Lemon Cake with marshmallow frosting that I had a go at!
1. Road Tripping to Rosebud to go the the Hot Springs!
2. The gorgeous sunset on the way!
1. My first confetti order sent to Paris!
2. Super cool Moustache Van!
1. Antipasti plate at Lot 7
2. Calamari at Lot 7
1. Declared the yummiest of the homemade pizzas! My Artichoke, Basil, and Fior Di Latte pizza! 
2. Barry M Berry Icecream and Butter London West End Wonderland
1. Lunch at Zouz
2. Glasshouse candles, the display was beautiful but they all spelt disgusting!!
1. MAC Lipsticks in Creme Cup, Speed Dial, Girl About Town and Impassioned!
1. Kiss and Makeup NY purchase 
2. Little lovelies on my desk! 
1. Nars in Trouville and Karpati in Stardust!
2. Chanel Nouvelle Vague!
1. Breakfast at Pope Joan! Halumi and pumpkin pie! Yum!!
2. A rare sunny day in Melbourne town!
1. A lovely way to spend an afternoon! With Emily's new book! 
2. Another Confetti order

I've been meaning to post for the last few days now, but my lovely, normally reliable Picmonkey that I use to layout my photos was playing up! Annoying! 

In Recent news, you may have noticed that Greek themed table in there, I have a new job! It's with Harper Event Design and I'm super super excited to be working with them! Yay!

Hope you've all had a lovely week so far, and if you've been watching Masterchef Australia, Whoop Whooop for team Andy!!!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! That cake looks delicious (for the eyes too) and love all your cheery polishes and lip colors. Congratulations on your degree!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Congratulations on graduating too :) I will have to follow you on instagram!



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