Friday, July 27, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

1. Gorgeous copy of the Miss Dior Cherie ad! Super cute and a great idea for wedding day props!
2. Gold glitter, Letterpress and a perfectly pink tulip, just gorgeous!
3. Marie Antoinette is the first thing that springs to mind! Can't you just imagine this adorable cake at her 18th Birthday? I know I can! 
1. Love these gorgeous ribbons at a reception, such an easy and inexpensive way to soften the room and make everything cosy and pretty! And so easy to personalise into your wedding day colours!
2. Love the amazing colour and design of this chair! Especially love it straight on white!
3. Gorgeous mix-match vases with beautiful blooms!
1. Ahhh Vera Wang, need I say more? Perfection!
2. Love this gorgeous calligraphy stamp! So pretty and practical!
3. Gorgeous colours and glasses! A must for summer night parties!
1. Paris, just breath taking!
2. I've always wanted a Tiffany blue bike, even if I only just realised now! 
3. Ribbon backdrop! Gorgeous for a photo booth back drop or behind a lolly or dessert buffet table!
1. Love mint, pink and white together! Such a pretty combination! And that chair! Gorgeous! and functional! Pity it's from Pottery Barn in the US :(
2. Always a good reminder!
3. Gorgeous bouquet!!!
1. Beautiful moment captured perfectly!
2. Hydrangeas and old soda boxes, pretty sure they're a match made in heaven!
3. Again with the individual vases! Loving them! 

Hope you've all had a lovely lovely week! 
I'm going paint-balling tomorrow for my boyfriends brothers birthday, should be interesting!!
And then following that up with a baby shower and hopefully some relaxing down time!

Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Ooh be careful paintballing, I've seen some naaaasty bruises!

    Just a suggestion, from a reader's point of view it would be really nice to know the source of the images you have posted. I personally like to click through and check out the rest of the story behind the image. And to see if there is more on the original site that may interest me. I'm sure the owners of the images would also appreciate you linking back to them too!

    Have a fun weekend :)

  2. I'm enjoying catching up on favourite blogs now I'm back from my trip. what a great pretty selection here - I love those balloons!



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