Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY Sparkly Tablescape by The Glitter Guide

Love this super easy, super pretty idea from The Glitter Guide Collaborating with Hey Look! Simply apply spray glue or double-sided tape to desired object, and sprinkle with glitter. Presto, cute little centrepiece! 

Glitter Votive Jars

You need:
- glass jars, vases or simple drinking glasses
- paper glue or spray glue
- double-sided tape
- glitter powder in the color(s) of your choice
Instructions for the glitter votive:
-Apply paper glue or spray glue to jar. You can make shapes or simply apply it all over.
-Sprinkle the jar with a good amount of glitter. Make sure you don’t leave any glue spots uncovered.
-Tap on the glitter particles carefully, then shake off excess glitter and you’re done.
-Place a votive candle in the jar or use it as vase
Instructions for the sparkle-striped votive:
-Stick double sided-tape strip onto jar as shown in the picture. You can use tapes of different widths if you like, and apply several stripes per jar.
-Sprinkle generously with glitter then clean off excess sparkles.
-If you want your stripes to be of different color, place 2nd strip of tape on votive only after cleaning off the glitter from the first stripe. Repeat step 2 and you’re done.
All Pictures from The Glitter Guide


  1. HI Kate, you clever girl. What a beautiful table and all the instructions on how to do it... thanks for posting.. Carla

  2. Thanks Carla! so so lovely to hear from you! :) x

  3. hi, i came to your blog every time that i have something like decorating an event it is so inspirational :D thanks..


  4. Thankyou so much, thats so sweet of you! :) x



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