Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back to Basics: How to wrap a present

Well, its come to that time of year again! Yayy! so excited for christmas this year, and for all the fun decorating and wrapping that it brings! I thought I'd share with you a back to basics segment, on wrapping and tying the perfect bow! I know most of you will already know how to do these things, but I still found this tutorial helpful in just perfecting it exactly! Its the little touches that make the world of difference! So without further ado!

What you'll need!
• A roll of wrapping paper (we've used Brown Kraft)
• Double Sided Sticky Tape
• Single Sided Sticky Tape
• Scissors

1. Unroll the paper and have your tape handy.

2. Place the present on the paper close to the unrolled edge.

3. Using your present to measure, roll the present three times (so each side touches the paper) till it is on the last side - this allows you to measure the amount of paper you'll need to cover your gift.

4. Give yourself an extra 3cm, then cut the paper off the roll.

5. With the gift close to one edge, fold that edge up so it covers two thirds of the presents side. Measure the same amount on the other side and cut the excess paper off.
6. Now that you have a strip of paper that exactly fits your present, fold one side of paper over the presents to it finishes in the middle.

7. Secure this fold of paper with some normal single sided sticky tape.
8. Move to the other side of paper at the other end of your present. Fold the edge of this side over 2cm, this will give you a clean edge.

9. Place a piece of double sided sticky tape on your folded edge.
10. Bring that last side of paper over to cover the first side. Secure properly.

11. Run your thumb and finger along both edges to make a clean crease.
12. Now face the open end towards you, push the top layer of paper down so it touches the side of your present.

13. Now, push your thumb into one corner.
14. Using your thumb and finger again, crease that triangle edge.
15. Repeat on the other side.

16. Place your finger at the centre of the triangle edge and push it towards the base of your present.
17. Crease the bottom edge of this new fold.

18. Both sides of this end of your present should look like this.

19. Fold the cut edge over 1cm for a clean edge.
20. Place a piece of double sided sticky tape over that folded edge.

21. Lift the end up and push it against the present. Secure properly.

22. The side of your present should look like this. Turn the present over and repeat the process on the other side.

23. Neaten your present but using your thumb and finger to crease the edges so they look sharp. The end!

Tutorial and Images from Inkyco


  1. Great post - and we can always learn another trick or two! Happy to be your newest follower. Just had a quick look around your blog and there are lots of lovely things to see! Virginia

  2. Thanks Virginia! thats what i thought! :) thanks so much for following! yay 40th follower! :) x

  3. Oh how I love it when I can actually wrap a parcel to look like this. I'm so tempted to put all the presents into boxes this year to ensure I have seamless perfection under my Christmas tree.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, now I've found yours, and JEEPERS I'm in LOVE!!

    :) Hazel

  4. Love the tutorial Kate!!!!!!! Wrapping presents is my fav, I choose a theme and then make a night of it wrapping everything up for Christmas. LOL.

  5. Love the tutorial Kate!!!!!!! Wrapping presents is my fav, I choose a theme and then make a night of it wrapping everything up for Christmas. LOL.

  6. I know right hazel! I wish all presents could be wrapped this perfectly! boxing them all is such a good idea! and it'd make youre tree look likes its straight out of a magazine! so pristine and perfect! ahhh! :) and it would make the guessing so much harder! :) Thanks Hazel! love yours too! :) x

    Thanks Lenya! me too! i love gorgeous papers and ribbons! :) ooo that sounds fabulous! one whole night of wrapping! sounds lovely! :) thanks for stopping by! :) x



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