Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to Basics: How to tie the perfect bow

Following on from yesterday's tutorial is this fabulous perfect bow tutorial! Its super good because it shows you how to get a flat bottom! whoop! no more twisty-ness on the back of the present, just nice clean flat ribbon! Win! 

What you'll need!
• A wrapped present
• Ribbon (We are using the 38mm Red Grosgrain Stripe from the Grosgrain Stripe Red ribbon card)
• Scissors

1. To make a bow with the knot at the front of the present rather than having a bulky knot on the back: have your present on the table with the front side facing up. Lay the ribbon over your present, leave approximately 20cm of ribbon at the starting edge for your bow. It is important not to estimate how much ribbon you think you'll need at this point, instead leave the ribbon in one long strand or on the roll so you are able to cut the perfect amount at the end.

2. Bring the longest end of ribbon underneath the present and back to the top.

3. Twisted the shortest side around the longest so the ribbon is going vertically instead of horizontally.

4. Now bring the longest side under the present.

5. Bring the longest side over the top of the present once more. Pull both ends so they are taut.

6. Thread the longest end under the centre twist, bringing it out on the opposite side.

7. With the longest end in one hand, create a loop.

8. Bring the shortest end of ribbon behind the loop.
9. Now bring the shortest end over the centre of the loop.

10. Then tuck the shortest side under the first loop to create a second loop for your bow.

11. Grasp both loops and pull so your bow is taut.

12. Now that you have your bow you can cut the ribbon off from the roll or cut off any excess. With one loose end in one hand fold it in half. Now cut down on a diagonal angle towards the fold.

13. Your bow should look like this!

All Images and Tutorial from Inkyco


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  2. this is so perfect! and just in time for the holiday season!!! i'm a terrible gift wrapper, but no longer! ;)
    xo TJ

  3. I hope you find it helpful! :) cant wait to perfect my bows this year! :) x

  4. Very helpful and looks lovely. Will try it :)



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