Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neon and Rose Gold Tablescape

I was never really a fan of the whole Neon trend, but this, wowee, I love the combination of the gold and neon, and together they become playful but classy! The colours and the attention to detail are just amazing! I love that all the gold is rose gold, I think that's what really makes it pop and lovely instead of tacky! Although this was designed for a wedding, I reckon it'd be easy enough to adapt it for a dinner party! What fun! 
This gorgeous table was designed by Cortnie from Canvas and Canopy.

All Photos from Inspired by This

Love the amazing colours of flowers!! and that chair, what a fab idea! Instead of having a guest book, everyone writes on the chair. which becomes a fabulous memento and piece of furniture in the couples new home! 

Adore those goblets! and those place cards are so cute!

Love the details on the chairs! So tropical! And those placemats are stunning!!

Mmm watercolour invites and a gorgeously lit over hanging! I think an over hanging makes such a difference to cosiness and ambiance and this one is just gorgeous!

Hope you love this one as much as I do! xx



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