Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Found! New Australian Online Clothes Store - Esther

Yep, found a super amazing store online and it's Aussie! Whoop! It's called Esther and it has really on trend and reasonably priced, (These ones are all under $100 with the exception of the long sleeved cream dress!) gorgeous clothes, I especially love the dresses! These are my picks and my def faves are the sky blue Peplum bottom left hand, and the two white with orange prints on them! Gorgeous! Express shipping is $12.90 or free for orders over $200.  

Which one's your favourite? 
And also, should I get that Orange and White one bottom row or should I get it in Black and White



  1. Go the orange Kate! Spring is just around the corner :)

    Abbey x

  2. what a beautiful outfits. I love all the prints.

  3. There are all SO GORGEOUS! I cannto choose :(

  4. ABBEY! I want the orange one so badly and now theyre sold out and not bringing it back in!!! Damn late pay day!! :(

    Thanks lovelies! :) x

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