Friday, August 3, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

Friday! Yay! 

Left to right starting at the top! (Also, thanks to the anon reader last week that suggested I link to the original links of the photos, it does make sense, the only reason I hadn't been linking in because you can go straight to my Pinterest page, find them and then follow the link, but I guess that is a bit more work! So I'll include links! Also, some photos are straight from Flickr so I probs won't link those ones! :)

1. Love statement necklaces, love sequin bags and love neutral colours! A match made in heaven! Link

2. Looks like the perfect Saturday, a billowy dress to just throw on after last nights shenanigans, large sunglasses to match, and a trip to the market to get the weeks flowers. Lovely. Link

3. Love these gorgeous gold dresses, this was shot at a housewarming party shoot, complete with perfume station! Link

4. These tarts look gorgeous! Mmm succulent strawberries and fresh cream! Yum! No link sorry! 

5. Gorgeous Peach coloured table setting! Peach, Gold and Cream, another match made in heaven! Link

6. I've always loved stacked bracelets, but never on me, I'm not sure why, but I just think they look odd on me! But as I continue seeing photos like this, I get more and more tempted to try, try, try again! Link

7. In this post you'll see a pattern of bomboniere's (hint: there's two more!) I love this gorgeous idea for a rustic wedding of giving scones and strawberries of a bomboniere! Oh Martha Stewart, you always have the answers! Link

8. Ummm, one word, awesome! No link to this one I'm afraid!

9. The cutest! I love the idea of using a blackboard to capture the words in time as well as the moments! Imagine doing this for your child on all their big occasions! It'd be hilarious watching the facial expressions go from super happy to teenage years, when they'd be like "muuuuuum, seriously??"Haha Gold! No link sorry!

10. Another Bomboniere! This time seeds! Cutest idea! Everyone's plant can grow as the marriage does! Link

11. Gorgeous Spring/Summer waves! Can't wait!! Link

12. Roald Dahl! Just heartwarmingly sweet! Link

13. Gorgeous Kraft bags for homemade treats! And they're Australian! Whoop! Link

14. .....We can see! It got cut off! But that's what the ending says! So simple, such a great way to spend a Summers day! Link

15. Parasols in Portugal! Lovely ray of sunshine! Link 

16. The last bomboniere and seating chart idea! Two birds with one stone! Gorgeous! Link

Again have a fabulous weekend and thanks so much for stopping by Confetti and Glitter this week!
Also, launching a new series on Monday! Stay Tuned! 


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