Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catherine Sheppard's Gorgeous LA home

Hey kids, sorry for the lack of posts this weekend and for not doing FPF, I've been super sick and bed ridden since Friday! Yuck! 
Hope you all had a much more enjoyable weekend! 

You know when you stumble upon a home or a party that just makes you say wow!
This one is my Wow! 
I have no idea how I hadn't seen it on the Glitter Guide before, but I stumbled upon it and am just in awe! I love the girly-ness of the gorgeous vanity (above), the beautiful colours and textures on the dining table, the gorgeous accessories on the desk, the dreaminess of the bed room and the cuteness of the bar cart! 

This beautiful home belongs to Catherine Sheppard of 'The Life Styled'. 

Catherine Sheppard’s penchant for style became apparent at an early age — she was indulging as a fashion fiend before she hit preschool. Her love of style continued to grow, and she now makes her living as a stylist (The Life Styled) in Los Angeles. Catherine embraces all aspect of the fashion industry: she loves airy girly pieces, funky tough pieces and even injects masculine touches. This cornucopia of styles is also evident in her home. She and her husband have cultivated a collection of the fabulously quirky (we can’t get enough of her gold dinosaur figurines) to decorate their abode. Catherine gave us a peek at her beautiful home and shared with us her thoughts on her wardrobe, her interior style and her career.

Continue reading Catherine's insights to her home and career over at the Glitter Guide!


  1. LOVE like everything! What a chic place to call home. So jealous.


    That's my the future..i wish. Perfect doesn't even describe this.

    found the route

  3. I fell in love with this home the minute I saw it! It's so feminine! And of course, her shoes are amazing!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  4. she is just gorgeous! i love your blog! such inspirational pics xxx kat



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