Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY Glitter Mini-Pegs

You'll Need:             First I placed a scrap piece of paper on a clean flat surface and emptied some 
 - Mini Pegs              glitter on to it, I got my glitter from Lincraft. Next I painted some glue very thinly 
 - Glitter                    and evenly onto one side of the peg.
 - PVA Glue
 - Paint Brush
 - Paper

Then I dipped one end in glitter

and then the other end

and presto! Glitter peg! Repeat on the other side too!

You can use glitter pegs for so many things! To close a goody bag, filled with gingerbread, to add a flower or card to a present, to hang photos from string...the list goes on! I'm going to use mine to hold napkins together at Christmas Lunch! Yay cant wait! only 4 days to go! 

 All photos taken using Instagram


  1. So cute!:)

  2. They are so cute and effective... Yet so easy to make!!

  3. How cool is that?!! I love your glitter pegs! They would go fantastically on some paper bags on a Christmas gift, or maybe next year's advent calendar. Love your idea of a using it for napkins.

  4. very creative! I would never think of something like that!



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