Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Butler Tray Bedside Table

A couple of weeks ago I got a new bedside table! A butler tray! Yayyy! I had been trying to find one for ages, and I didnt want to pay $200 for one, then one day randomly I was at a $2 shop near the boyfriends house and found this one! Except silly me didnt get it right then and there, and then everytime we went back to see if they had it, it wasnt there! Nooooo! So then I just ended up going to the same store in South Yarra and they had one! And on sale tooo! Wooooo! I got mine from Chickenfeed, for $11.95! wooo! And its not even cheap and crappy looking! Double woo! Now all I need is a new lamp!


  1. Kate, what beautiful the colours and those books!! Thanks for sharing Carla xxx

  2. Ooh love that bedside going to have to check out the shop and see if there's any left.

  3. I got that table for around $11 too! It's so pretty



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