Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9 ~ Gingerbread House

I made my first Gingerbread house yesterday! I was feeling festive and had a friends 21st that night and decided to give it to her for a present! I was so scared it was going to break or not work or something but it ended up working fine yayyy! 
I used this recipe! and used this one for a guide of the templates!

I had read a few recipes beforehand and they all said to make cardboard templates so everything was the right size. I just used paper instead because it seemed easier and it worked just fine! 

My sister helped me hold everything in place, and I made sure the pieces were almost completely cool before I joined them together! The recipe says to use tinned cans to hold up the walls while the icing dries. I tried to do this, but it just didnt work because it made dents in the icing, so I just held the sides until it was dry and added heaps of extra icing just to make sure it all held together!

I filled the inside with Lindt balls and Ferrero Rocher too! 

I decorated with Candy Canes, Raspberries, Jaffas, Mini Marshmallows, Coconut and Cadbury Giant Buttons and sprinkled it with icing sugar at the end!

All up it probably took about 6 and a half hours. At the beginning of the recipe it says to freeze the dough for four hours, I only did it for about an hour and that seemed long enough! So the longest parts were just waiting for the mixture to cool in the freezer a few times and then to cool at the end. But in the in between time I cut my templates and made the icing. I think I'll make another one for Christmas! Yay! I found it super hard to make it look really neat and clean, the icing just drips, but I guess it looks like snow!

All photos taken with Instagram


  1. That looks so yummy! :)

  2. Wow!! That looks cute!
    I'm a sucker for a gingerbread house!

    I used to work at a German Club and at Christmas the ladies would bring in houses to sell. I always bought one! Couldn't resist!

  3. What a gorgeous looking gingerbread house! You've reminded me that I need to get my gingerbread on for this christmas, im falling behind. I love the idea of filling the house with chocolates for a extra special treat. Yum!

  4. wow! So good.

    I love the decorations.

    I used glasses to hold mine up and it worked really well



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