Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 12 ~ Festive Glitter Finds!

We have come to the end of my 12 day series, and to cap it all off, I decided to end with my favourite Festive Glitter Finds! Ahhhh, my love for glitter is honestly never ending! Im completely obsessed and find it incredibly hard to resist anything with some sort of sparkle on it! 

As a few of my good friends found out on the weekend, I am obsessed with sparklers! 
Adding these to any event makes it a special one!

Love this simple idea for sparkly candles! Simply spray some craft glue onto the candles and douse them in fine glitter! Gorgeous!

Im on the hunt for glitter ribbon! If you find some, tell me please!!! 

What a cute Table Place idea! 

Perfect to top a cake!

Perfect for scatters across the Christmas table!

And who can go past sequined dresses! Just gorgeous for the holiday season!
Untitled #10
And finally, some sparkly gift ideas, just to share the sparkle!

From Top, Left to Right:

I hope you've enjoyed my 12 Days of Christmas Special! Cant wait to see everyones Christmas ideas revealed in two weeks! And then its new year time! Yay! 


  1. Loved all 12 days :-)

    Looking forward to the Easter special ;-)

  2. We all need some glitter in our life and especially at Christmas!!
    Carla x

  3. Adorei o seu blog e ja sou sua seguidora.
    Espero que voce goste do meu também e se torne minha seguidora!



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