Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Pink Book does Pretty in Pink

Little Pink book, a part of The Pretty Blog, held a spectacular bash a while ago with many vendors and special guests invited. Its such a cute party, and I particularly LOVE the amazing cake of Cheeses, and the most amazingly beautiful dessert buffet ive ever seen! (scroll right down to the bottom to see that one, saved the best till last!!) Check out more info and pics on The Pretty Blog


  1. This is GORGEOUS ,love PINK,if you have seen my Face Book page you will understand why im so excited about this post,thanks for sharing hun xxoo

  2. Ahh I am loving the pink! I keep coming back and looking at these wonderful pictures, and wishing they were right in front of me :) Cute stuff.

  3. I just love it! i think the cake of cheeses is amazing and the dessert buffet...just no words! hehe Margarita i thought you might like this one! :) hehee, glad you keep coming back katie! love it! :) x



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