Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ideal 21st Presents

While all my friends 21st have almost all finished for the year, and straight after having my own 21st, I got thinking about the best things to give and receive, and this is what I came up with! Enjoy!

Ideal 21st presents

Left to Right:
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour [$39]
I feel like Chanel Polishes are a too expensive to buy for yourself, but such a luxurious little present to receive! And besides, who doesn't want Chanel?

Diptyque Candle in Gardenia [$99]
These candles are divine with a capital 'D'! Not only do they look gorgeous and french, but they also have the most amazing fragrances, lasting up to 50hours!

Potted Orchid [$30+ depending on where you buy it and how big it is!]
It's lovely getting flowers for your birthday, but its even nicer when they last! Getting potted plants are such a fab idea, they last ten million times longer (dont quote) and brighten up an room, while still getting flowers for a birthday. Brilliant.

Moet et Chandon Rose [$79.99]
Just a classic, even better if it's a Rose and comes in pink or has a special promotional freebie!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour [$65]
Just a gorgeously luxurious lipstick, and they come in so many different colours, youre bound to find one to suit everyone!

Jo Malone Cologne in English Pear and Freesia [30mls $90, 100ml $170]
There's so so many to choose from, and if you're scared you'll get one they wont like, take them with you and let them decide! There's no harm in knowing what you'll get for your birthday beforehand if you know you love it!

Peter Alexander Slippers [$35.90]
Peter Alexander slippers are super cute! And you can wear them all year round. Bonus!

Kikki K A5 Weekly Diary [$39.95]
Always, Always handy, especially if a birthday is in November/December!

Sigg Water Bottle [$38.70 each]
It's always good to have one of these, means not having to use Mount Franklin bottles all the time! Saving money, the environment and your health! Triple Whammy! You can also design your own, so it can make for a gorgeously personal gift!

Laura Ashley Mohair Throw [$69.95] Shown in picture is Shirland Throw in Lagoon [$169.00]
What a gorgeous idea! I will always love getting homewares for a birthday, and mohair rugs are just the most amazing softest ones ever! They make your bed or couch look super cute, and it makes getting into bed or snuggling up by the fire even more fun!

I hope this has been of some help, and that you get some inspiration from these pressies! Happy Shopping!

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