Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Favourites...

This week has been quite hectic, my boyfriend got admitted to hospital on friday night and has been in and out for the last five days or so, he's out now, but between going to visit him and school and my own sick days, there havent been many favourites that ive loved this week! Unless you count late night hospital visits! Which are actually quite fun haha! So i only have a few favourites this week! My apologies! 

[Mint Green Combi Vans]
This van has been sitting near my house for weeks, and i love it! such a great colour! 

Same, Same, Same but Different??

[Jumper - French Connection $169.95]
I love this! super cute and warm too! 

[Dress - French Connection $149.95]
Yes, the dress is cheaper than the jumper! it doesnt really show up in this picture, but its a really structured dress, id love it more though if it was in a different colour, like a coral or something, ive just got wayyyy too many black dresses!


  1. sorry to hear about your week, but i'm not going to lie. that van rocks!

  2. thanks amy thats so sweet of you! haha i know right! i love it! :)



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