Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites is my new segment for fridays! yay! It will be a place where I look back on the week, and remember things that have made me happy and have made me smile.

[French Toast]
I received this gorgeous toast stamper for my birthday, and absolutely adore it! I love anything french, and especially something that makes breakfasts more exciting! 

[Wine and Cheese Night]
I had a lovely lovely night with some friends this week, we just ate fresh cheese, crisp fruit, homemade soup, and chatted and laughed. It was really lovely to catch up and enjoy each others company.

[French Films]
Every Monday night, a favourite friend of mine and myself go to Nova in Carlton to see a movie! I love having that consistency in my life and its a fab time for us to catch up on the last week weve had! This week we saw 'Beautiful Lies', Audrey Tatou's new film. I love french films, and I also watched Heartbreaker with the boyfriend this week too! Such a french week! Both films are lovely! 

[Massages at Crown Spa]
As an anniversary present from my lovely boyfriend, we went to Crown Spa to get massages! It was so so lovely! They show you to this gorgeous room (very similar to the one above) complete with Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Swedish Shower and private bathroom. We enjoyed half an hour of uninterrupted time together and then the masseuse both came in and gave us the most relaxing hour long massages. It was such a lovely experience, weve decided to do it every year now! 

On a whim this week, the boyfriend and I booked a trip to Thailand next year, for after weve both finished at uni! This is the resort were going to above, and were both so super excited about it! 


  1. I really want one of those toast print thingys! Haha of all the lovely things you've done this week, why do I comment on the toast print thing?! Very jealous of the spa visit and trip to Thailand! x

  2. Haha! Theyre so much fun! defs recommend getting one, they make it easier to out of bed! :) x

  3. I love french food!!! awesome post:-)



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