Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making Wrong Decisions

Decisions. They always trip me up, even the little ones. A light example to start with, then we'll get into the heavier stuff!
One decision I constantly struggle with, as material as this is going to sound, is, What Colour?

Every Item I buy ends up coming in a huge array of colours, and to pick ONE is torture! Do you go with the one that you saw first, because that was your first original love? or do you go with the one you fell in love with second? In the wise words of Johnny Depp;

"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen in love with the second"

Wise words, and while I'm pretty sure he's not referring to which colour shoes to buy, I reckon you can still use this theory when it comes to colour deciding.

Another thing when it comes to decisions, how do you deal when you know you've made the wrong choice?

I feel like I face this far far too often, even it comes to small things (like colour deciding), and I think it all comes down to judgement. If I worry that I'm not making the right decision, it's because I'm not making the right decision, pretty straight forward you'd think, no? 

Is your judgement correct though? Trusting your own judgement can sometimes be the hardest thing. Do you think you're right? Do other people think you're right? 

Yesterday I made a silly decision and I've felt sick all day that I made the wrong choice, it's silly really. My boyfriend was off to his house after staying down at mine for the last five days, and he said, pretty simply, 'do you want to come down for the night and then go back tomorrow night?'

To which a reeled off a string of, no I can't because.......blah blah blah!

I'm not sure why I even fought it, of course I wanted to go, but I kept thinking about my exams and how I should study, and how I wouldn't get much done if I was at his house, even though, he had study to do too, and I'm sure I would've gotten a lot done really, maybe even more than if I'd stayed home. (Bugger.)

Regretting it today though has been bugging me like crazy, and has meant that I've totally wasted a day, because I just haven't been able to enjoy it! (Not that there's much to enjoy about a day of study, but hey, at least I could've endured  it with someone fun!)

So the real question here is, how do you let it go? How do you put it to one side and say, no, it's too late anyway, move on?

Another decision I've been facing is who do I get to redesign my blog? I've put a deposit down for one person, but I keep second guessing myself and asking myself if that's the right person for the job? I have someone else in mind, and I just have this overwhelming feeling that I'll get a better outcome with this other person. But then cost is thrown into that mix too. And with this kind of decision it's so hard to know the outcome, maybe the first lady will be fine, and I'll love the outcome, but maybe it'll be crap and I won't like it at all and regret not going with the second person I decided on! How do you choose?

So here are the questions!

1. How do you choose between colours?

2. How do you deal with situations when you know you've made the wrong decision? 

3. How do you choose when the outcome isn't so clear?

Hope you've all had a lovely lovely week, sorry again that my posting has been sporadic! Will hopefully fix this when exams are all done and dusted!!

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