Friday, May 18, 2012

Favourite Pins Friday!

New Feature this week! As you all know, I'm obsessed with Pinterest! So I thought I'd share my favourite pins from the week and tell you why! 


Need I say more? Cant you just imagine having a serene bath with this AMAZING view! 
Now imagine it at night! Bliss!

My Ultimate idea of a perfect perfect date! A little tent/fort on the beach, the sun setting, yummy food, the best company and lots of giggles! 

I think this is such a gorgeous photo and is such an essential part to any wedding, a sneaky moment with champagne, just the two of you, to reflect on and enjoy the moment and the day you're in! 

These bookshelves are simply divine! I cant believe how much they change the look of the room! From here on out, normal bookshelves just look boring! 

I love these colours for winter! Such a nice change from black and grey, and such an uplifting colour palette! My perfect colour combination!

I really really liked this photo this week and while it's such a simple outfit, she just looks to put together! Such classic winter pieces for every wardrobe! 

Ahhh sunshine! Where are you! This to me is the perfect perfect way to spend Saturday morning, basking in the sun, a cheeky glass of champagne (or tea!) with the sunshine streaming through the windows and a good book or magazine! Bliss!

This is a Jewish Chuppah for a wedding, but I think it's just such a gorgeous idea for a backyard party! So sweet and simple! 

My idea of the perfect job, in a perfect office! 

Such a gorgeous picture for your groom, should defs be a photo to have on your wedding photo list! 

Again, I love a cheesy date idea! And a trip to the drive-in with all the essentials packed gets me every time! 

Ahhh Paris! This picture reminds me of my favourite memories from Paris, and the best best thing we did while we were there! Hiring bikes and riding them around the gardens of Versailles! Just amazing! 


  1. Oh I LOVE this concept, I have so many images sitting in my 'LIKES' page on PINTEREST just waiting to be blogged about, and this is a perfect way of doing it! Always love a Friday round up!

    Hope you have had a lovely weekend, I am procrastinating, should be working on an assignment (the joys of distance learning and procrastination!!)

    :) Hazel x

  2. A lovely selection of images - I love the beige and white outfit - just the colours I often wear in winter.



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