Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day Dinner Party

Oh my! I didn't really have much intention to do a special St Patricks day post, but when I stumbled across this beautiful party on Style Me Pretty, how could I not! I mean, seriously, It has SUCH beautiful flowers, Gorgeous Calligraphy, my own personalised name mug, stripey straws, colours that you wouldn't guess go together but actually do, and ofcourse gold glitter! How could I not love it! Also, here's the DIY for the sweet favour bags!

green striped digital template
white paper
glue stick
hole punch
scalloped edge scissors
First, print the green striped digital template on white paper.  Then:
1. Cut around all the edges of the except for one side so you have a white edge to add glue to.
2. Fold the paper where the stripes meet at the center.
3. Add glue to the white area of the paper and match up the stripes.
4. Fold the bottom side of the bag up a half inch and add glue.
5. Cut the top of the bag with scalloped scissors to make a decorative border.
6. With the hole punch, make two holes at the top of the bag at the center.
7. Complete the favor bag by looping a ribbon through the holes to create a bow.

Hope you love it as much as I do! And hope you all have fantabulous plans for tonight!


  1. Happy St Pats day Kate as always you come up with some groovy posts love this and wish I was having a party at this table tonight
    Carla xx

  2. This is totally stunning! Love the colours and the sparkles :)

    Abbey x



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