Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zara Bourke st

Just found this about the new Zara opening in Bourke st, Melbourne.
Opening date has been confirmed for 15th June! wooop wooop!

If you scroll down, you can see a sample of the opening collection!
It looks like a pretty, asian inspired line, and overall, theres really not that many things that id be purchasing, except these few i reckon....

I hope this is a light silk fabric, and then i can wear it tucked into dark crop pants/jeans with heels plus a blazer even

and i really hope the band on this isnt elastic! 

the jumper from this would be gorgeous with jeans and flats! 

Overall, the collection didnt get me very excited, but i really hope it'll deliver and be the sort of amazingly simple, classic items that Zara is known for.
I just hate that its going to be sooo busy for weeks and weeks. Everyones going to end up buying and wearing all the same clothes, and 'is that from Zara?' will become the most commonly heard phrase between young women of Melbourne everywhere!
But im still excited :)

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