Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nail of the day

Todays nail was inspired by this dress....

My lovely amazing friend is making me this dress for my 21st, but in tiffany blue and silver, i cant WAIT!
back to the nails, this is Napoleon Chandelier Shine in Tribeca, and a really old L'oreal in Silver and Gold.
As you might have noticed by now, i love sparkly nails :) I also used this combo on my little sister for her formal last weekend! how sweet :)


  1. Your 21st dress sounds AMAZING! I am sure it will be beautiful.

    Gotta love sparkly nails ... At the moment I have OPI Up Front and Personal on mine, which is gold with a hint of sparkle. Love it :)

    C xx

  2. im so excited about it! but we have to see if we can find the right fabric in tiffany blue first! :S cross fingers and toes!

    loving sparkly nails! ooo, just went and googled Up front and Personal, im not normally a huge fan of gold nail polish, but that is gorgeous! :)

    thanks for your comment! :) x



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