Thursday, June 2, 2011

Logan & Mason

Ive just bought myself a Duckdown Doona, (ie, my lovely parents are buying it for me for my 21st, but i wanted to choose it so it was right) and i need a doona cover. And while browsing, i couldnt help but notice these gorgeous bed designs. Personally, id love to be able to have that many pillows on my bed, and to have it so perfectly made everyday. But the massive lazy person in me, could never be bothered to take 100 pillows off the bed before i climb in, and religiously put them back on in the morning. I reckon, id do it for maybe a week, tops, and then the pillows would find a permanent spot on my floor.

I can still dream... enjoy these lovely, picturesque photos, courtesy of Logan and Mason


  1. bargey!! as if you have a blog!!
    i love the third pic.. the doona plus all the scatter cushions look amazing!!
    i have about 5 scatter cushions on mine and i just shove them all in the corner.. so i have room to sleep. solution!

  2. bargeyyyyy! hehe as if you have one! ive had mine for a while, just havent told anyone hehhee! :) i love love love scatter pillows, but im just too lazy!! hahaha! i love the blue doona in the top photo, but id love it in white! but i dont think they do it in white! :( hows glang?? gotten results from uni? wait, discuss on fb! :) xxx



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