Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beautiful Gold, Pink and White New Years Eve Party!

 Sorry for my lack of posts recently! I've been holidaying up a storm! And I'm also going away again tomorrow to Port Douglas! Cant wait! It's going to be full of lots of lazing around, reading books by the pool, going out for nice dinners, cocktails by the pool, actually swimming in the pool and bike rides along the beach...ahhhh, bliss! Back on topic, I found this beautiful wedding idea on Green Wedding Shoes but wasn't too keen on the idea of a NYE wedding, but I just love this gorgeous party as a New Years Eve party! I know it's a bit late (or early!) for New Years Parties, but you can always just have a party with these colours anyway! Such great colours and the flowers just add so much to the entire effect! And am adoring the framed glitter love heart, such an easy DIY to do! Love it!
Also thankyou so much and hello to my new followers! Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoy this one! :)

All Photos from Green Wedding Shoes 


  1. JEALOUS!!!
    So glad you have been happy holidaying but did you have to mention the Island bit.......freezing my butt off here :( ha!
    Have a fabulous time and soak up the warmth, see you when you get back Kate.
    Carla x

  2. Wow! This is gorgeous! I love everything. xo



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