Saturday, September 15, 2012

A-Z of dates: A for Arthur's Seat

So I thought I'd share with you this little thing Mike and I are doing! 
A while ago I was having brunch with a friend and she was telling me about this book she was reading called A-Z of dates, it sounded like so much fun and I knew Mike would love it too!

So basically, we go through the entire alphabet and pick a date to go on according to the letter!
We decided to do it alternating, so Mike started with A, then he also gets C, E etc!

We also decided to do them as surprises, so I had no idea we were going to Arthur's Seat until we started driving! 

So the first date we went on was to Arthur's Seat! 
I hadn't been there since I was super little and the chair lift was still working! Awks!

It was tres fun, and there's quite alot to do really! 
They have tube slides, the best fun, probs where we spent most of our time! And then these puzzle obstacle course, think like, high school camp, where you had to do things in teams, but this time it was fun not super stressful!
They also had a 3D maze, where you wear 3D glasses and wander through the maze, pretty cool really,

and then my favourite, the hedge mazes! So much fun and seriously took me back to being little again! Either that or pretending we were in Harry Potter and the maze in the Goblet of Fire!
There were fairy gardens hidden in them and giant snakes and ladders! Too fun!

All in all a super fun start to our new dates!

The A-Z of dates doesn't have to be exclusively for couples, you could do it with a bunch of friends, or just one, and it can be over a long or short period of time!

I reckon it'd be a great way to catch up with the girls too! 

Have you done anything like this?
And any suggestions for what dates I should do??


  1. That's such a great idea! I love it and may just have to steal it ;) Looks like you had a great time.

    1. Thanks! Defs steal it! It's so much fun and gets you out of the house!! :) x

  2. What a fantastic idea - just mentioned it to my husband! Looks like your A date was fun! I can think of loads for most of the letters - might struggle more with X and Z!!

    1. Ooo yay! Let me know if you do it with your husband! I'd love to hear what your date are! Haha yep I'm the same, have so many ideas for the good letters, not looking forward to x and k and things! :) x

  3. What a fun idea Kate! We drove through there not so long ago. Such a pretty part of the world :)

    Abbey x

    1. Thanks Abbey!! Isn't it lovely!! Just gorgeous! :) x



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