Friday, April 20, 2012

A Summer's Day Wedding

Sorry I haven't posted all week! I had a lovely lovely break over Easter, down by the sea, and now I'm back to reality...sigh...I hope you all had fabulous Easters! And hope you have a lovely lovely sunny weekend!

My oh my I love this gorgeous wedding and the super fun couple that shared it! Make sure to check out their incredible videos too!

Athena and Jonny’s story started over 11 years ago, when Athena was dating Jonny’s roommate and they went to see Jonny’s performance at their university’s production ofWest Side Story. Like the musical, their romance would have technically been forbidden at that time, but thankfully just a year later, Athena was newly single and found herself in the same acting class with Jonny.  Randomly, they were paired as scene partners, which terrified Jonny – “she was the prettiest girl in class.”  Out of fear, he was at first reluctant to practice scenes with her, but he finally acquiesced after Athena cornered him to schedule a coffee meeting to discuss an assignment. When they finally met for coffee, they talked and talked… and talked – “the time flew by… we never picked a scene because were having too much fun talking,” Athena told us. They ended up staying scene partners for the rest of the semester, a fact that makes Athena note with amusement: “I guess I wasn’t so scary after all!”


  1. WOW WOW!! so much to love about this wedding. The kissing booth, the brides fishbone plait, the dessert table, the daisies! Thanks for sharing. lovT

  2. The pictures are so great!




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