Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PInk Ombre Cake

 I made this cake for my sisters 18th, twas so much fun! Also, sorry about the photos, they had to be taken quickly as people wanted to eat it! I loved making this cake, it was actually pretty easy...heres how.....

I totally cheated and used a packet mix, which is something I never ever do, but the boyf and I made packet cupcakes the other week and they didnt turn out so bad, so I thought id give it a shot, especially because I had no idea how much mixture I'd need, it just seemed like the easiest option.

So, made up the packet mix according to the instructions, then divided it into 5 equal parts. I just used a large spoon and placed three spoonfuls in each bowl. Then I added the colouring. I started with the lightest shade and worked my way to the darkest. The first shade I just left as the ordinary batter colour. The next I added a couple of drops and just kept going with the rest. I went back and forth and swapped some round too, just depending on what shades I liked the best. I ended up putting quite alot into the dark colour, but if I did do it again, I would make more distinction between all the colours.

Next I cooked them, this took forever because I only had one tin in the one size, but because they were such shallow cakes, they only took 20 mins each. I lined the tin with butter and then with a circle of baking paper. And while they were cooking I made the icing and prepared the layers.

After each layer had cooked I let it sit for 5 or so minutes in the pan, then flipped it out and placed it on a cooling rack until completely cooled. I sliced off any curved bits to make the top a flat surface. Once one was cool, I got my cake platter and placed some strips of foil around the edges and placed the first layer on top. (the foil is to catch the crumbs!). 

Next I spread some raspberry jam over the entire layer, and then a thin layer of the frosting aswell, just to help it all stick together. I continued to layer and frost until the top. Then i frosted a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake to hold it all together and then proceeded to pile more and more frosting on! Pull away all the foil and make something cute to sit on top (I used wrapping paper, skewers and ribbon) and serve! :) It can be stored in the fridge, but make sure you take it out about an hour before its served, just so that its not too solid and cold!

Swiss meringue frosting
Makes enough to frost a 15 cm or 20 cm cake. Add 225 grams of butter to make Swiss meringue buttercream

•5 large egg whites
•200 grams sugar
•1 tsp vanilla extract

Put egg whites and sugar in a heat-proof bowl in a double boiler. The water in the saucepan should be simmering. Whisk with a hand whisk continously until the mixture reaches 65 degrees C. Remove from heat. Start whipping the egg whites with a stand or hand mixer until they become fluffy and white and the bowl is cool, this can take about 10 minutes.

Hope you enjoyed this! let me know if you make one too!

Some sites I found really helpful were, Call Me Cupcake, Rock UR Party and the best, Glorious Treats!


  1. This is fantastic! You should check out my birthday cakes I've just uploaded! Yours looks scrummy! <3

  2. That is adorable! Very Prada.



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