Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favourites

[Laura Ashley Blanket $80]

I got this darling, gorgeous, cosy wonderful blanket from Laura Ashley over the weekend. It was just before i was heading off to the beach for the weekend, and a lovely friend and I were perusing around getting excited about all the homewares, when I found this gorgeous thing in a sale bin for $80! We swooned and promptly bought one each. All the way to the beach house we were daydreaming about snuggling up in them with a good book! When we got there i realised we hadnt checked the original price, I looked at it and gasped! I ran to my friend and she proceeded to guess the amount, she started around $100, and each time the sum got larger and I said higher, her eyes grew wider! Turned out it was worth a whopping $329. Yes thats right $329 (in capitals if I could) for a blanket! and yes, we had just saved ourselves $250! $250 just incase you didnt get it the first time! We were rapt! And proceeded to spend all day wrapped (haha see what i did there!) in our blankets making HILARIOUS jokes about how much they were worth. A Friday well spent.

[Caddy $40]

While we were at my lovely friends beach house in Point Lonsdale, we ventured to Queenscliffe and we found these darling caddys! I have big plans for mine, that include, a huge dining table, some lovely jars, and some beautiful flowers, think cherry blossoms, hydrangeas and peonies. Something like this...

[French Earl Grey]

Another lovely friend, who clearly knows me well brought me over a belated birthday present! My favourite French Earl Grey tea! just divine! and a gorgeous little teapot as well! Ive had so so many cups already! I love the cannister that it came in too! Very slim and mighty fine, I think ill have to get many more!

[Homemade Lemonade Recipe]

Found this easy-peasy recipe for lemonade and thought it was quite fitting as its now SPRING! 

[Fabric Folders]

Also found this gorgeous idea to resurrect old boring manila folders and make them gorgeous! just add fabric! easy! 


  1. yay! p.s i totes want a blanket like that sigh

  2. yeh seriously, its amazing! super warm and super heavy too! get onto it jaya the maya! :) x



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