Sunday, July 24, 2011

From where id rather be...

Uni is such a drainer, and works not that much better, the semester has only just begun, and im already loathing all the upcoming assignments! i really just want to get out and start my life, go to unknown places and be doing something i love! I know that i shouldnt have to wait till uni is over to "begin" my life, but sometimes i just feel like im getting nowhere when im at uni. Ive said to myself that my the end of the year, i will be in a job that i love! think of it, as a halfway through the year resolution! Cross fingers, we'll see what happens! Ideally a job within Events, particularly weddings and parties. Even just reception-ing at the moment, and then move into the more design and execute stages a bit later on! s thats my aim, ill let you know how it goes! but at the moment, here are some lovely pictures of places i would much rather be than in dreary Melbourne! 

All Photos from The Cool Hunter


  1. Hi! If I could make a suggestion, if a job isn't looking good, try getting some (unpaid) work experience at an events management company. This will look good on your resume, give you some practical experience that uni can't, and may lead into a job in the future. I want to get into PR/Marketing, and experience is pretty much what all the companies are looking for.

    Just my 2 cents! :)

    C xx

  2. thats so lovely of you to suggest that for me! yah ive been thinking that too, thinking that itll come to that! as much as i dont want to!! but thanks so much for your advice! :) :) x



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