Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I went to L'oreals opening party, Fashion Fullstop, lastnight, as a bit of background, ive volunteered for loreal for about four years now, and ive never seen anything like it, and i dont mean that positively.
It was bizarre, and not in an artsy way, just in the way that there seemed to be so many ideas going into it that it just didnt meld, didnt work. It was sooo strange, and i thought it was supposed to be a look at the last ten yrs, not like 50 yrs.
Please dont take this as being a good representation of what the week will be like, the other shows, like the designer awards i was at today, are amazing and glamorous, not awkward and weird like last night! dont let it put you off! There were some gorgeoues fashion pieces, and a truly amazing piece by the Australia Ballet Company, but the performances just seemed awkward and there was so much dancing, even when the parades were on, it was just really bizarre, and i think no one really knew what to think of it!

The Designer Award on the other hand, was gorgeous! so lovely, and in such a glamorous setting! and congratulations to Song for the Mute, who won the award! Past awards have been won by the likes of Yeojin Bae and Toni Maticevski. 

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