Monday, February 21, 2011

Teenage Dream OPI :)

Love love LOVING teenage dream!
lots of my friends think its so kiddy (as do I) but i think it in a good way! hehe!


  1. That is some seriously magical polish! Where did you get it? :p

  2. isnt it amazing! :) i love it so much!
    i just got mine from my hair salon in melbourne, because theyve been out of stock at david jones for ages! where abouts do you live? they may have it back in stock at DJ's, or they sometimes have them at chemists or hair salons! hope that helps! :) xx

  3. Can you look away for a moment whilst I steal this nail polish from you?? I'm having flash backs to high school and I want sparkly nail polish NOW!! xx

  4. haha! isnt it gorgeous! easily my favourite nail polish! infact, i might even wear it today! hehe! thanks jade! :)



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